Got an App? Make Sure You Also Have a Bug Tracking Tool

Ellen Robertson | December 10, 2019 | 0 | Advertising & Marketing

Do you know how many apps are there? Get this: in third quarter 2019 alone, Google Play had 2.4 million apps. Competition in this field is indeed fierce and serious. That’s why you need a good bug tracking tool.

Where Are the Comments Coming From?

This software is actually a website feedback tool. What it does is to curate the comments, reviews, or suggestions from different groups. These can include:

  • Engineers and programmers
  • Beta testers or focus groups
  • Users

The engineers or programmers (or app developers) know the app by heart. They can already anticipate problems, as well as develop fixes such as patches.

Your beta testers or focus groups are people who may have access to your prototype. They don’t have excellent knowledge on the architecture of the app, but they are likely to be more learned or experienced than an average user.

Users are the ones who download the app and use it consistently. These people are a rich source of feedback for many reasons:

  • They have spent more time with your app than your beta testers or even your team.
  • They are more likely to use the app in different ways, including a variety of platforms or devices. This will help you gauge the accessibility of your app.
  • These individuals are the best to comment about the app’s usability.
  • They can articulate errors or bugs in plainspeak.

What’s the Purpose of Bug Tracking?

Although it’s essential to gather feedback, it’s not always the easiest thing to do. These groups won’t leave theirs all together. They may also use different tools for communication.

These then create a delay on acting on the feedback. By the time you did, users may have already lost interest. They’re moving to another app.

It’s also possible another app tries to fix your common problems. This will then make it a better option than yours.

What a user acceptance tracking tool does is to create one place where you can see feedback, especially for errors and bugs. These comments may also be available in real-time.

How Do You Choose Such Tool?

Consider these tips when you’re looking for the best tool for tracking bugs:

  • Look for a WordPress feedback tool. This content management system, after all, is not only popular but also one of the easiest to work with.
  • Find one that lets you integrate various collaborative apps. These include Slack, Trello, and Asana. One great choice is
  • Pick the tool that provides analytics. It will help you identify the common bugs, for example.
  • Think about using SaaS. This gives you both flexibility and scalability. It will also be more economical for your business.

Thousands of apps join each year—hundreds also fail. As soon as you launch one, you become part of the statistic.

The question is, which group will you belong? If you want yours to stand out, go beyond its design. Provide better customer service and usable app.

Pay attention also to the possible problems it will face. Fix them immediately with the help of bug tracking.

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