Automatic Transmission 101: The Benefits

Ellen Robertson | January 13, 2020 | 0 | Automotive

While unpopular in some parts of the world, about 70 percent of vehicles on Australian roads are automatics. An automatic transmission is often used to describe vehicles that feature a two-pedal design. A quick scan of top-selling automatic cars for sale Brisbane data reveals that the most popular brands are Toyota Corolla, Toyota Hilux, and Mitsubishi Triton.

A common feature in these best-selling models is that they have an automatic transmission, in place of the manual transmissions found in older models. Australia’s fondness with automatics is all about the convenience it offers the driver. However, there are other reasons why most Brisbane cars for sale are automatics.

Easier to drive

The main advantage of automatic transmission cars is that they are simply more convenient to drive. Driving such cars is such an easy task that some countries like Germany and the United Kingdom require new drivers to take certification driving test using manual transmission vehicles.

When driving an automatic transmission car, you don’t have to change gears whenever your driving situation changes, and there is no need to find the perfect clutch control balance. All you need to know is how to switch between parking, driving forward, and reversing. The gear changes are handled by your car – a big benefit of automatic transmission in old and new cars for sale Brisbane dealers offer.

For a nervous driver, you have fewer things to worry about, reducing the potential of getting confused while on the road. Further, a driver concentrates more on the road ahead instead of worrying about what their hands and feet are doing. Check Brisbane City Automotive for more details.

Improved driving efficiency

The transitions between gears while driving are handled automatically by the torque converter for a smooth and nice ride. The use of a torque converter device provides several other benefits like multiplying an engine’s torque while reducing the strain and shock on your vehicle’s driveline.

Driving a manual car requires the driver to implement timing in order to achieve the successful changing of gears. In fact, you need to have attained the right speed so you can complete changing gears quickly. A failure to time the gear-change can lead to grinding gears, which will damage the manual transmission system.

Increased fuel economy

Historically, the fuel consumption of automatic transmission was a great concern, but most of this was related to the technology used. Most modern cars, even cheap cars for sale Brisbane has now, are designed to execute at minimum fuel consumption and cost. Newer models even have an electronically-controlled automatic transmission, so there is no loss of engine power between each shift.

Further, automatics tend to shift faster and more accurately. According to automatic cars for sale Brisbane dealerships, the distances between the engagement clutches on most vehicles is only nanometres, shifting gears faster than the driver can blink!

More power

Automatic transmissions have a planetary gear system with a set of smaller gears controlled by a larger gear and a ring gear on the outside for power transfer. This configuration increases the surface contact of the gears, spreading torque load over a larger surface area while reducing breakage.

If you are looking into automatic cars for sale Brisbane has to offer, try checking All the benefits above also make automatic vehicles easy to sell.

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